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The "Boss Up And Change Your Life" Program

The "Boss Up and Change Your Life" Program came to me while listening to the now iconic Lizzo song (Shout out to our Houston girl!). She utters the phrase, "Boss up and change your life.  You can have it all. No Sacrifice."

Sacrifice. That word brings up so many connotations, none of which are positive. Americans have made the diet industry a $72 Billion industry.  We have done much of this through sacrifice. We have sacrificed science for trends, life long health for quick fixes and sadly our happiness for chasing a number on a scale that we think will finally bring us true joy. 

But what if our girl Lizzo, is right?  What if we "can have it all/no sacrifice?" As an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor and Weight Management Specialist. I am confident that I can help you find YOUR healthy balance. My training as a Weight Management Specialist plus my decade long career in the fitness industry gives me the innate ability to accompany you on your health journey and help find what works specifically for you.  Every single person is different and that is why the "Boss Up and Change Your Life" Program is customized and individualized to each client. This program is customized for clients of all ages and all health levels. It involves exercise, nutrition and support to reach each client's personal goals.

 Though every client has different needs and goals, the fundamentals remain the same:

  • Encourage exercise and movement while helping the client find true joy in it.

  • Empower each client to pursue healthy and sustainable changes based on science, not trends.

  • Be with each client every step of the way to accomplish his or her goals and develop healthy lifelong habits. 


Helping others find their joy is how the "Boss Up and Change Your Life" Program was born. Connection truly fosters joy.  Let me be your connection as we take this journey together. Please contact me for more information.

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